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日本語版 パワーポイント講義資料

English Version : Lectures in Power-Points


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一宮基督教研究所 講義要項

教師名  安黒 務

科目名  組織神学(『キリスト教神学−基督教教理入門』)



  ・ミラード・エリクソン著『キリスト教神学』T・U・V・W 巻


 ● 神学入門 180m

  1. 神についての研究: 教科書ガイ ド紹介  DVD 1 180m

  2. キリスト教のメッセージを今日化すること: 教科書ガイ ド紹介
    [ 3.ポストモダンと神学 ]改訂版で増補された章   DVD 2-3 120m

  3. 神の普遍的啓示: 教科書ガイド紹介

  4. 神の特別啓示

  5. 啓示の保存:霊感 DVD 3-5 180m

  6. 神のことばの信頼性:無誤性

  7. 神のことばの力:権威 DVD 6-7 180m

  8. 神の教理

  9. 神の偉大さ

  10. 神の善良さ DVD 8-10 180m

  11. 神の三一性:三位一体 DVD 11 180m

  12. 神の計画

  13. 神の原初的働き:創造

  14. 神の継続的働き:摂理 DVD 12-14 180m

  15. 悪と神の世界:特別な問題 DVD 15 180m

  16. 神の特別な代理人:天使 DVD 16 180m

  17. 人間の教理への導入

  18. 人間における神の像

  19. 人間を構成している性質 DVD 17-19 180m

  20. 罪の性質と源

  21. 罪の結果

  22. 罪の重大な影響 DVD 20-22 180m

  23. キリストの神性

  24. キリストの人性

  25. キリストの人格の統一性 キリストの神学に関する六つの基本的な異端 DVD 23-25 180m

  26. キリストのみわざへの導入

  27. 贖いの中心的主題 DVD 26-27 180m

  28. 聖霊の人格

  29. 聖霊の働き DVD 28-29 180m

  30. 救いの諸概念

  31. 救いの先行性:予定

  32. 救いの始まり:主観面 DVD 30-32 180m

  33. 救いの始まり:客観面

  34. 救いの継続と完成 DVD 33-34 180m

  35. 教会の性質

  36. 教会の役割と統治

  37. 教会の儀式:洗礼と聖餐 DVD 35-37 180m

  38. 導入的事柄と個人終末論

  39. 再臨とその結果 DVD 38-39 180m

  40. 千年王国と大患難

  41. 最後の状態 DVD 40-41 180m

   DVD or BD ビデオ講義録 合計 3360分 = 56時間×1000円 = 56000円

English Version : Lectures in Power-Ponits

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Part One. The Doing of Theology

1.The Study of God
The Nature of Theology
The Method of Theology

2.Contemporizing the Christian Message
The Contemporary Context of Theology
Approaches to Contemporizing the Christian
The Permanent Element in Christianity
The Nature of Contemporization
The Criteria of Permanence in Doctrine

[3.Postmodernity and Theology][改訂版にて増補された章]
Defining Postmodernism
Doing Theology in the Postmodern Age

Part Two. God's Revelation

3.God's Universal Revelation
The Nature of Revelation
The Modes of General Revelation
The Reality and Efficacy of General Revelation
General Revelation and Human Responsibility
Implications of General Revelation

4.God's Particular Revelation
The Definition and Necessity of Special Revelation
The Style of Special Revelation
The Modes of Special Revelation
Special Revelation: Propositional or Personal?
Scripture as Revelation

5.The Preservation of the Revelation: Inspiration
Definition of Inspiration
The Fact of Inspiration
Theories of Inspiration
The Extent of Inspiration
The Intensiveness of Inspiration
A Model of Inspiration

6.The Dependability of God's Word: Inerrancy
Various Conceptions of Inerrancy
The Importance of Inerrancy
Inerrancy and Phenomena
Defining Inerrancy
Ancillary Issues

7.The Power of God's Word: Authority
Religious Authority
The Internal Working of the Holy Spirit
Objective and Subjective Components of Authority
The Bible and Reason
Historical and Normative Authoritativeness

Part Three. The Nature of God

8.The Doctrine of God
The Immanence and Transcendence of God
The Nature of Attributes
Classifications of Attributes

9.The Greatness of God

10.The Goodness of God
Moral Qualities
God's Love and Justice---A Point of Tension?

11.God's Three-in-Oneness: The Trinity
The Biblical Teaching
Historical Constructions
Essential Elements of a Doctrine of the Trinity
The Search for Analogies

Part Four. The Work of God

12.God's Plan
Key Definitions
The Biblical Teaching
The Nature of the Divine Plan
Logical Priority: God's Plan or Human Action?
A Moderately Calvinistic Model
Various Understandings of History

13.God's Originating Work: Creation
Reasons for Studying the Doctrine of
Elements of the Biblical Teaching on
The Theological Meaning of the Doctrine
The Creation Doctrine and Its Relation to Science
Implications of the Doctrine of Creation
God's Continuing Work: Providence
Providence as Preservation
Providence as Government
Providence and Prayer
Providence and Miracles

15.Evil and God's World: A Special Problem
The Nature of the Problem
Types of Solutions
Themes for Dealing with the Problem of Evil

16.God's Special Agents: Angles
Good Angles
Evil Angels
The Role of the Doctrine of Angels

Part Five. Humanity

17.Introduction to the Doctrine of Humanity
Images of Humanking
The Christian View of Humanity
The Biblical Account of Human Creation
The Theological Meaning of Human Creation

18.The Image of God in the Human
The Relevant Scripture Passages
Views of the Images
Evaluation of the Views
Conclusions Regarding the Nature of the
Implications of the Doctrine

19.The Constitutional Nature of the Human
Basic Views of the Human Constitution
Biblical Considerations
An Alternative Model: Conditional Unity
Implications of Conditional Unity

Part Six. Sin

20.The Nature and Source of Sin
The Difficulty of Discussing Sin
Biblical Perspectives on the Nature of Sin
The Source of Sin

21.The Results of Sin
Results Affecting the Relationship with God
Effects on the Sinner
Effects on the Relationship to Other Humans

22.The Magnitude of Sin
The Extent of Sin
The Intensiveness of Sin
Theories of Original Sin
Original Sin: A Biblical and Contemporary

Part Seven. The Person of Christ

23.The Deity of Christ
The Biblical Teaching
Historical Departures from Belief in the
Full Deity of Christ
Functional Christology
Implications of the Diety of Christ

24.The Humanity of Christ
The Importance of the Humanity of Christ
The Biblical Evidence
Early Heresies Regarding the Humanity of Jesus
The Virgin Birth
The Sinlessness of Jesus
Implications of the Humanity of Jesus

25.The Unity of the Person of Christ
The Importance and Difficulty of the Issue
The Biblical Material
Early Misunderstandings
Other Attempts to Solve the Problem
Basic Tenets of the Doctrine of Two Natures
in One Person

Part Eight. The Work of Christ

26.Introduction to the Work of Christ
The Stages of Christ's Work
The Functions of Christ
The Manifold Theories of the Atonement

27.The Central Theme of Atonement
Background Factors
The New Testament Teaching
The Basic Meaning of Atonement
Objections to the Penal-Substitution Theory
The Implications of Substitutionary Atonement

Part Nine. The Holy Spirit

28.The Person of the Holy Spirit
The importance of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Difficulties in Understanding the Holy Spirit
The Nature of the Holy Spirit
Implications of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

29.The Work of the Holy Spirit
The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testment
The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus
The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of
the Christian
The Miraculous Gifts Today
Implications of the Work of the Spirit

Part Ten. Salvation

30.Conceptions of Salvation
Details on Which Conceptions of Salvation
Current Conceptions of Salvation

31.The Antecedent to Salvation: Predestination
Differing Views of Predestination
A Suggested Solution
Implications of Predestination

32.The Beginning of Salvation: Subjective Aspects
Effectual Calling
Implications of Effectual Calling,
Conversion, and Regeneration

33.The Beginning of Salvation: Objective Aspects
Union with Christ

34.The Continuation and Completion of Salvation

Part Eleven. The Church

35.The Nature of the Church
The Basic Meaning of the Term ``Church''
The Unity of the Church
Biblical Images of the Church

36.The Role and Government of the Church
The Functions of the Church
The Heart of the Ministry of the Church: The Gospel
Forms of Church Government
A System of Church Government for Today

37.The Ordinances of the Church: Baptism and the
Lord's Supper

Baptism: The Initiatory Rite of the Church
The Lord's Supper: The Continuing Rite of
the Church

Part Twelve. The Last Things

38.Introductory Matters and Individual Eschatology
Introduction to Eschatology
The Intermediate State
Implications of the Doctrines of Death and
the Intermediate State

39.The Second Coming and Its Consequents
The Second Coming
The Final Judgment
Implications of the Second Coming and Its
40.Millennial and Tribulational Views
Millennial Views
Tribulational Views

41.Final States
Final State of the Righteous
Final State of the Wicked
Implications of the Doctrine of the Final States


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